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Dec 4, 2013 11:00am PST
health care while talking about higher education and ongoing budget battle. >> more people without insurance gained shurngs, 3 million young americans have been able to stay on their parents plan, more than half a million americans and counting poised to get coverage started on january 1st. some for the very first time. it is these numbers, not the ones in any poll, that will ultimately determine the fate of this law. >> meanwhile, a source familiar with the program confirms to nbc news that 29,000 people signed up the newly repaired sunday and monday, a figure that surpasses the total for the entire month of october. still not clear how many of them were so-called the young invisibles and over on capitol hill, house republicans continue their focus on the implementation of the law with four separate committee hearings on the affordable care act. nbc news without correspondent peter alexander joins us now. interesting to note, the president has said all along the issue of health care is about the economics as much as it is about what he sees as the right for people t
Dec 6, 2013 11:00am PST
and that education is something that is available to all that we walk towards more pros spert pore young people in the country. when president obama was here a few short months ago, he talked about the ways it has the potential to be an after our strengths are linked to one another. i think that's the best way to memorialize all that he meant to us. >> we know december 15th is when will be the final good-bye, if that's appropriate to say, we'll see each other again, but the final good-bye here. i can't imagine there won't be a television set or radio on where people will gather and watch this moment that will be unmatched as far as the diversity and the range of people who sincerely say that this man changed their life, set the compass of their direction in life. >> that's so true, tamron. during the anti-apartheid moment, we used to chant all the time, the whole world is watching, here again he has made certain that the world world is watching, everyone is pausing and reflecting on what this man meant to us all. we count ourselves blessed to have lived in the shadow of his grace all of these y
Dec 5, 2013 11:00am PST
to educate both young men and young women regarding drinking on campus, the perils that come. and this is not to blame any victim. let me be clear on that. but it is the conversation that's ongoing on college campuses and everywhere regarding safety and some of the things that played out according to this warrant here. >> it's interesting you bring that up because earlier this week a piece went viral written by a woman named roxanne jones. she's one of the founding editors of "espn" the magazine. the whole gist of her story was to say to her college son, before you have sex on a college campus, you should get a yes via text to alleviate any controversy as to these sort of he said, she said situations where there's alcohol involved. i don't know if i'm going to go that far and tell my kids get a yes via text, but if foreplay is by text these days, it's not too far removed, is it? >> it's a legitimate conversation to have, especially given we've done these types of stories too often. and to your point, dave, in many cases, this turns out to be true, someone is charged and hopef
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3